EasyBMP C++ Bitmap Library

EasyBMP Downloads


The EasyBMP core library can be downloaded here. The documentation is here. Lastly, you can download the extensions here.

Download the Library

This release should definitely work on any little-endian architecture and should hopefully work on any big-endian architecture. I've used it with Pentium 3, Celeron, AMD Athlon XP, Pentium 4, Celeron M, and Pentium M PCs on Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 2000, and on a Sun UltraSparc 4 on Solaris 5.9. Anything that uses standard C++ should work fine. If you try it and it works, please let me know, particularly if you're using a big-endian architecture like a Macintosh!!

Here are the most recent versions:

Version Release date
EasyBMP 1.06 December 1, 2006
EasyBMP 1.05 November 1, 2006
EasyBMP 1.04 July 24, 2006
EasyBMP 1.03 June 20, 2006
EasyBMP 1.02 May 29, 2006

Download the User Manual

I've tried my best to give good documentation for the EasyBMP library, but if you have comments or requests to make it better, please let me know!

Here are the most recent versions:

Version Release date
EasyBMP 1.06.00 User Manual December 17, 2006
EasyBMP 1.03.00 User Manual June 29, 2006
EasyBMP 1.00.00 User Manual February 10, 2006
EasyBMP 0.70.00 User Manual October 23, 2005
EasyBMP 0.66 User Manual August 21, 2005

Download the Extensions

EasyBMP is please to provide additional extensions to make the library more useful. Please see the extensions page for further information on the contents of this package.

Here are the most recent versions:

Version Release date
EasyBMP 1.05.00 Extensions Package November 12, 2006
EasyBMP 1.04.00 Extensions Package September 27, 2006
EasyBMP 0.70.00 Extensions Package October 24, 2005
EasyBMP 0.66.00 Extensions Package September 10, 2005

What do you think? Feedback Requested!

In Version 1.01, EasyBMP started to separate all code into a separate EasyBMP.cpp file. This means that to use EasyBMP into your project, you now have to add a small step when you compile. (See below.) The benefit, however, is that the code is now separate (which is a better coding practice), and EasyBMP works better with larger projects.

In the past, it was enough to simply include EasyBMP.h in your cpp files and compile your project without modification. This was slightly easier for the novice user, but not terribly easier.

So, do you have an opinion on this? Do you have a style that you prefer better? Would you rather see EasyBMP returned to its origins of only header files? Do you like the way it is now? Does it matter?

I'd love to hear your feedback, and I welcome your emails at macklin01@users.sourceforge.net. Thank you!! -- Paul