EasyBMP C++ Bitmap Library

EasyBMP Code Samples

Here are some sample applications using the EasyBMP library. All samples include win32 executables and the full source code.

Program Description License Updated
BMPinfo Gives file size, image size, and image bit depth (number of colors) GPL 2.0 5-14-2006
ColorToGrey Converts BMP files to greyscale GPL 2.0 5-26-2006
Steganography A program that hides text within pictures. Very cool! GPL 2.0 2-3-2006
ResizeBMP Resizes bitmap image to a desired percentage of the original size, a desired height, or a desired width (while preserving the original aspect ratio). GPL 2.0 5-14-2006
DataPlotter Provides quick visualization of any ASCII table of data. GPL 2.0 2-12-2006
Fractals A set of applications written by Adrian Neumann to generate Mandelbrot and Buddhabrot sets. Very cool! GPL 2.0 5-26-2006

If you're looking for an old version of one of these programs, try your luck here.