EasyBMP C++ Bitmap Library

EasyBMP Links

EasyBMP Project Website (Including support links)
This is the main SourceForge site for the project. Look here for support, etc., in the future.
EasyBMPtoAVI Movie Creator
This project uses EasyBMP to read a series of BMP images and stitches them together as an AVI movie file.
BMP File Format
This page gives an excellent description of the BMP file format. It was essential to me when writing this library.
OpenGL Installation Tutorial
This is the first page I found that gave decent instructions on downloading, installing, and compiling with OpenGL and glut in mingw32 and MinGW. (Notice that his instructions are for MinGW, the successor to mingw32, but you can use the same process on mingw32.) He also provides some information on installing MinGW on Windows.
Download the OpenGL1.1 files from Microsoft necessary in the process described above.
This is the official site of the industry OpenGL consortium.
Advanced Programming Techniques Using OpenGL
An extensive course of advanced graphics proramming techniques Tom McReynolds and David Blythe posted at SGI. It uses OpenGL to make the concepts more concrete.
Catmull-Rom Splines
A useful, brief writeup on Catmull-Rom splines, that allow cubic interpolations that match function value and tangential information at knots. Cool.
Gaussian Smoothing
I found particular page useful for performing Gaussian smoothing. As it turns out, Gaussian smoothing is not just useful for image processing, but also for smoothing data sets making numerical error less noisy, making them a bit more accessible to numerical algorithms, especially those that depend upon gradients of those data.
Image Processing Learning Resources
This the homesite of the previous link, and it has many useful resources.
This is the currently-maintained site for the MinGW C++ compiler for windows. They also have a great utility called Msys that brings useful command-line utilities from Linux to the Windows desktop.
Overclockers.com forums
I have found that the overclockers community is very helpful in troubleshooting software and hardware issues, as well as squeezing the utmost performance from existing computers.
NIST Official Time
Tired of those accusations of being late? See how right or wrong you are with the official time. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Find out if Barnes and Noble really is kicking you out of their cafe too early!!
Weather Underground #1
See just how beautiful it is in Irvine, CA.
Weather Underground #2
See just how miserable it is in Minneapolis, MN.
Paul Macklin's Website for Computational Oncology
Paul Macklin's website for computational oncology (computer simulation of cancer).