EasyBMP C++ Bitmap Library

EasyBMP Code Sample: DataPlotter


DataPlotter is a quick way to visualize scientific data that is saved as a comma, tab, space, or semicolon-delimited ASCII text file.

What You'll Need to Compile It

To compile DataPlotter, you'll need the DataPlotter source code, the EasyBMP library, and EasyBMP_SimpleArray.h, which is included in the EasyBMP Extensions package. The current version (1.00) should compile with EasyBMP Version 1.00 and EasyBMP Extensions Version 0.70.00.

You can download sample data files here and here.


DataPlotter can make both rainbow and greyscale plots. Here's an example of a rainbow plot:

Data Plotter Screenshot

DataPlotter -r -c PHI_resume.dat

Here's an example of a greyscale plot:

Data Plotter Screenshot

DataPlotter -c PHI_resume.dat


To get help usage on DataPlotter, use

DataPlotter -H

The output includes the following help:

DataPlotter usage:

DataPlotter [options] <filename1> <filename2> ...

-H: get this help message
-r: use a rainbow coloring, and output a 24 bpp file
-f: flip the rows and columns from the input
-c: add a colorbar
-v: flip vertically
-h: flip horizontally

The default behavior is to output an 8 bpp grayscale
file, saved to <filename>.bmp.

Compatible files: comma- or tab-delimited ASCII files


DataPlotter is licensed under GPL 2.0, and is copyrighted by the EasyBMP Project.