EasyBMP C++ Bitmap Library

EasyBMP Extensions: SimpleArray

SimpleArray is intended to simplify ASCII tabular data import and export. In particular, you can use it to import and export data into plotting programs that use the EasyBMP bitmap library.

Click here to download the extension. (Contained in the extensions package)

SimpleArray can read tab, space, comma, and semicolon-delimited ASCII data files. It does its best to automatically determine the number of rows and columns and read the data. Once there, you get the following data structure:

class SimpleArray
 int Rows; // number of rows in the data set
 int Cols; // number of columns in the data set
 char Delimiter; // text delimiter that was autodetected
 double** Data; // the actual data

 SimpleArray(); // creates empty array
 SimpleArray(int nR, int nC); // creates empty nR x nC array
 void SetSize(int nR, int nC); // resizes to an empty nR x nC array
 bool ReadFromFile( char* FileName ); // reads from file
 void WriteToFile( char* FileName ); // writes to file

 double* operator()(int i, int j); // returns pointer to (i,j) entry
 double* operator()(int i ); // returns pointer to (i,0) or (0,i) entry

 ~SimpleArray(); // cleanup (don't use this)

Note that the operator()(int i) function should only be used for data arrays with 1 row or 1 column. (Think of it as a way to treat an array as a vector.)

Here's a sample usage:

#include "EasyBMP_SimpleArray.h"
SimpleArray InputData;
InputData.ReadFromFile( "PHI.dat" );
SimpleArray OutputData( InputData.Rows, InputData.Cols );
int i,j;
for( i=0 ; i < InputData.Rows ; i++)
 for( j=0 ; j < InputData.Cols ; j++)
 { *OutputData(i,j) = pow( *InputData(i,j) , 2.0 ); }

OutputData.WriteToFile( "junk.dat" );